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Technical and on-page SEO

With on-page SEO we make sure your website is indexable, does not have problems with duplicate content, and uses proper structured markup to get the biggest advantage on Google.

Advanced web analytics setup

Correct measurement is the cornerstone of every website, but the default Google Analytics setup isn’t reliable. We make sure you can trust the data you measure and help you to understand and make the data actionable.

Conversion rate optimization

We make sure your website has a head start in terms of conversion rate optimization. On top of that, we help clients with reliable A/B testing, screen recording and the acquisition of qualitative data.

AdWords and Facebook ads

Paid ads will generate sales fast when executed correctly. Your website must be ready for all the campaigns that you plan to execute. This will ensure a high conversion rate and quality score.

Link building and content strategy

If you want to lower costs in the long run, it’s necessary to plan for link building from the start, otherwise you might end up with a website that’s hard to promote organically.

Training and consulting

Do you want to learn the tricks of the trade? We don’t hide our expertise. We often help agencies with their internal processes to make sure every website they build is SEO and online marketing ready.

We strive to connect all the people involved on the project by building bridges and effecting compromise so as to ensure your website outperforms your competitors´.

We are marketers who have seen too many online projects fail through a lack of strategy, designs that aren’t based on business data, and redesigns that make your traffic from Google disappear.

Unfortunately, this is something we come across every day.

We work alongside your developers to make sure:

  • you have a website with proper SEO from the start;
  • your website has landing pages for AdWords campaigns – our data will make it very easy to setup PPC ads;
  • your website is ready for on-going link building;
  • the landing pages and customer paths are optimized with all the best practices in mind, thereby ensuring a high conversion rate from the start.

Redesigning a website? Do it right.

We fully comprehend your belief in your developers, but pure technical skills aren’t enough. There is SEO, AdWords, link building and web analytics all to take into consideration, let alone e-mailing, shopping ads, price comparison sites, content marketing and dynamic remarketing.

We focus on providing support and guidance in order to prepare your website for a long term online marketing strategy.


Jan Onesork

Jan Onesork

SEO Consultant

Jan will be your point of contact. He has 10+ years of experience in SEO and online marketing. Over his career he has helped 100s of projects to succeed online. His expertise and proven tactics will be at your disposal.

Lucie Markova

Lucie Markova

PPC Specialist

Lucie creates highly targeted PPC campaigns in AdWords and on Facebook. She has helped dozens of clients reach their audience quickly with great ROI.

Tereza Simonova

Tereza Simonova

SEO Specialist

Tereza will help you identify all the keywords that are worth targeting and optimize the content to target your audience efficiently.


At first, we tried ourselves to be visible on the internet and soon we realized that one-time consultancy isn’t enough for us. So we’d contacted several SEO experts and chose Honza. Honza has been helping us with online marketing for a year now. We have positive feedback from the public and from our clients – most of them have found us easily online and now use our services of career guidance.

Hana Rozprymova

Head of Centrum Vzdelavani Vsem

Jan is a real pro.

Vladimir Ponikarovsky

SEO Manager,

SEO has been done perfectly, all keywords are in the first position or in TOP5 for both search engines. Number of visits increased rapidly and number of leads went up accordingly. Jan’s arguments seemed persuasive to me and I’m glad that I chose him.

Jan Sevcik

CEO, SnadnyWeb

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